#NoRulesFilms is a movement that seeks to encourage anyone to tell a story through a camera lens, following a simple but accurate decalogue.

Just find an excuse to go out and film!

1. Look around you and grab any camera.
2. If you don’t have a story to tell, stand in front of the mirror and you will find it there.
3. The sun is your main source of light. Otherwise, any lightbulb will do.
4. If you don’t have a computer, edit in the camera or on the phone.
5. If you don’t have actors, film a tree or anything.
6. You don’t need direct sound. You can do it with your phone.
7. If you don’t have audio or you don’t like it, remember that everything started in silent movies.
8. You can include your favorite music.
9. You don’t need a tripod. Your pulse will add an interesting focus to your movie.
10. Never question the decalogue. Just go out and film!

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